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From Sunday, 12th December 2021 to
Friday, 24th December 2021

frodmas village screenshot.png

A mysterious portal to the village of Frostwyn has been opened in the centre of New Duck City, and tales of celebration have spread far and wide across Majoria. Venture into this strange snowy world and partake in the timeless traditions of Frodmas! 


Event Schedule

(All times in GMT +0)

At 20:00 - 20:30 every day, gifts will be handed out to revellers at the Frostwyn village square!

Additionally, money gained through playtime will be doubled throughout the entire event.

12th December:

20:00: First day of Frodmas - special celebration in Frostwyn Village

14th December:

20:00: Themed Creative Mode build competition begins

20:30: Hide and Seek

16th December:

20:30: Snowball Fight

21st December:

20:30: TBD

24th December:

21:00: Build competition ends, winners decided

Check back here during the event as additional activities may be added

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