Meet the Team

Frankie Mitchell

Officer Chief Officer

Francis "Wankie" Mitchell was born somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean during the early part of 1999 after a particularly nasty storm, which was probably a pretty bad sign of things to come. Despite this, Francis went on to ace his SATs at the ripe age of 3 and immediately left school, expecting to get a great job in the world of film. Upon realising these were British SATs, Frankie fell into a great depression and was found in a Taiwanese brothel by none other than Fred, who took one look at his grades and offered him the job of being his friend, which the desperate Mitchell reluctantly accepted.

The two went on to achieve 2 and a half GCSEs between them, which was actually equal to the number of teachers who quit due to the pairs antics, putting these to good use in their continuing mission to take over the world once and for all.


Fred Seyd

Chief Officer Officer

Fred "Fred" Seyd was born on the 1st of August 1999 exactly 199 days after the birth of his lifelong idol Francis Brian Colin Mitchell and reared in the ancient borough of Camden. Mr Fred was conceived in the far-off land of Australia by two humans he, for some reason, collectively refers to as his parents despite them denying any affiliation to the child. The first 12 years of Fred Fred’s life resembled that of hit Pixar movie ‘Boss Baby’ as Fred attempted to build a business empire using nothing but four broken guitar strings and a picture of Donkey Kong. When Seyd was in year 4 he successfully fired his head teacher and subsequently managed to become the Mayor of London. For the first time at the age of 12, Mr Fred met his childhood sweetheart Francis Mitchell for the first time in a Taiwanese brothel and having only known eachother for approximately 4.2 seconds the two decided to throw bricks at eachother leaving them with permanent facial deformities that even The Pope condemns. It was on an acid trip at Latitude Festival with former prime-minister John Major that Fred Fred failed each and every one of his GCSE’s which granted him access to Varndean College for the heavily disabled. To this day Fred Fred still isn’t quite sure who he is and literally shits himself whenever he comes into contact with any human that isn’t his beloved Frankman.

Billy Mitchell

Chief Billy

Unrelated to the "superior" Mitchell, this humble man began his long, rewarding career with a brief stint on Toonattik, which many years later caught the eyes of both Frankie and Fred; they later hired him to be the comic relief in their global hit "The Brightleverse". The fame he gained from this headline role sent Billy spiralling into a chaotic whirlwind of drugs and alcohol which was the birth of "A Travellers Requiem" (a short film made by mitchell2).

Currently, Billy resides in the confined (and most importantly to him; safe) boundaries of Frodlenet, starring in Mitchell Sandwich. He is, according to himself, a barnacle on the hull of the boat that is Frodlenet.


Louie Bellingham

Chief Technology Officer

Our newest acquisition, Louie is the man who will probably one day lead a Holocaust of all the remaining Windows users, and it was this admirable quality that led to him being conscripted as technical support for the rest of the team.

Born in a 3rd world (probably) country that speaks a language rather like that which they speak in Mexico, Louie first met the team after sadly being forced to work alongside Fred in the IT world, the deeply traumatising experience of which led him to actually go back in time and develop the 2014 game Hatred.

Louie's interests include buying servers, weed and putting Fred in his rightful place as certifiably and irreversibly incompetent.