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Meet the Team


Fred Seyd

Fred "Fred" Seyd was born on the 1st of August 1999 exactly 199 days after the birth of his lifelong idol [REDACTED] and reared in the ancient borough of Camden. Mr Fred was conceived in the far-off land of Australia by two humans he, for some reason, collectively refers to as his parents despite them denying any affiliation to the child. The first 12 years of Fred Fred’s life resembled that of hit Pixar movie ‘Boss Baby’ as Fred attempted to build a business empire using nothing but four broken guitar strings and a picture of Donkey Kong. When Seyd was in year 4 he successfully fired his head teacher and subsequently managed to become the Mayor of London. For the first time at the age of 12, Mr Fred met his childhood sweetheart [REDACTED] for the first time in a Taiwanese brothel and having only known eachother for approximately 4.2 seconds the two decided to throw bricks at eachother leaving them with permanent facial deformities that even The Pope condemns. It was on an acid trip at Latitude Festival with former prime-minister John Major that Fred Fred failed each and every one of his GCSE’s which granted him access to Varndean College for the heavily disabled. To this day Fred Fred still isn’t quite sure who he is and literally shits himself whenever he comes into contact with any human that isn’t his beloved [REDACTED].


Katie Frost

Known as Kathryn among the upper classes, born and raised in Conservative Central Office, Katie was brought up to stand on the shoulders of the poor and needy, and it was exactly this sigma grindset that brought her to the moral depths of Frodlenet, where she toils away at the Minecraft server, bringing many immigrants in to her backwards, far-off empire of the south.

In a previous life, Katie was known as John Lewis, who was best known for bringing avocados to Middle England in 2006. Her hobbies include charcuterie boards, Twilight and delivery drones.


Anthony Davies

Introducing the one and only Anthony! He's a man of many talents and titles, from brave sailor to accomplished particle physicist. Anthony is a man who has seen both the depths of the ocean and the secrets of the universe.

He joined the Royal Navy as a young man and served 2 life sentences, earning respect and admiration from his peers. His courage and strength earned him a special place in the hearts of his crewmates.

But Anthony wasn't just a brave sailor; he was also a competitive athlete. He won the singles three-legged spoon race in 2007 and 2008, becoming a local celebrity in the process. His impressive resume didn't end there, though. Anthony was also a theoretical particle physicist and made a major discovery in the field. He uncovered a mysterious scientific phenomena that had eluded scientists for decades. He will be releasing his peer reviewed paper in late 2016. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys playing Mahjong and reading such classic literature like Tits-out teenage terror totty. He also volunteers at the local animal shelter and loves to take his cats for walks in woods.

Anthony is truly a remarkable human being, and it's always a pleasure to spend time with him. He definitely wasn't holding anything to my head to make me write this for him.

Billy Mitchell

Unrelated to any other Mitchell, this humble man began his long, rewarding career with a brief stint on Toonattik, which many years later caught the eyes of Frodlenet; they later hired him to be the comic relief in their global hit "The Brightleverse". The fame he gained from this headline role sent Billy spiralling into a chaotic whirlwind of drugs and alcohol which was the birth of "A Travellers Requiem" (a short film made by mitchell2).

Currently, Billy resides in the confined (and most importantly to him; safe) boundaries of Frodlenet. He is, according to himself, a barnacle on the hull of the boat that is Frodlenet.

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