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About Frodlenet

Frodlenet could be a website that may or may not have been established at some point in the early 21st century by two individuals perhaps named Frankie and/or Fred. Frodlenet could have been made as a website to support a youtube channel that might be called Lovely Day Productions; on this channel it is possible you could come across videos of a somewhat comedic nature, but don’t hold us to it as our sources could be unreliable. This website is updated semi-frequently on a somewhat methodical but irregular basis that really depends on how the stars are aligned and how Bruce Forsyth is feeling. It is also entirely possible that this website may or may not even be a website but instead a collection of characters that just happened to fall into coherent words. It is conceivable that Frodlenet could be the greatest website to have never been thought up by anybody over the age of 7, but the validity of that statement is yet to be confirmed (or denied!) by the committee of penguins who moderate this holy land.

Fred's lock button is broken.

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