May 4, 2017

Captain's Log: It's the fourth of the fifth today, or the five fourth if you're American... I think...

Regardless, LDP has come to a standstill at the moment while Fred works on failing his exams and I work on burning the rest of my coursework. Prince Phillip resigned today which is rather unexciting considering he was born in an age where dinosaurs were considered a "groundbreaking method of transportation" and i'm fairly sure his birth certificate was written on a stone tablet. Anyway, enough of roasting the Royals, they're burned to a crisp already.

Fred and I (most notably I, as in Frankie the supreme comic overlord) have been working on an idea for a sketch show. The idea of creating a sketch show has been something we've been halfheartedly meandering around for a while now, but I think it's time we finally pull up our socks and step in the puddle like the brave fellows we are. The show, we've decided, is to be named 'Brighton Early' because it's a fun play on the term 'Bright a...

February 16, 2017

So apparently I have to write stuff for this website too. Fuck. When Fred selected me from the batch of other Frankie’s that he grew I didn’t realise quite the amount of writing that would be associated with joining LDP, but thankfully that’s why Fred also programmed SUM-R (our very own wiki management bot!).

So, Fred and I have been doing lots shady behind the scenes story stuff recently (y’know, that sorta stuff that only a very niche audience care about) to build up a better backstory for the Brightleverse. We recently introduced two new characters who we’re both very keen to explore as they’re the only people we’ve really shown who aren’t directly affected by the events proceeding Daniel Bright’s disappearance. These new characters also kinda give us an excuse to show what’s going on in everybody’s favourite colony, America, while Jillywinkle is bringing Daniel Brighton to its knees.

Something Fred and I can barely wait to get our jammy hands on is our planned sci fi series aptly n...

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