The Unbearable Owlness Adventures

August 24, 2017

As the man lay dying on the cold stone floor of the dungeon, the only thing he could possibly see was the ceiling 30 feet up. To him however, what he saw was infinitely more beautiful and satisfying. As his vision began to fade and his eyes close for the last time, he saw the stars shining in the sky far above. This was the way he had always wanted to die. When he took his last breath, his comrades did not notice that their friend had passed on, for they could not believe such a thing were possible. The first to realise the tragedy was the Quickling trying desperately to drag him away from the battle taking place mere feet away. As it dawned on the creature that his closest friend was gone, tears streamed down his face and onto the dying mans cheek, as his lips bent slightly into a peaceful smile that was to be his last.


It was a bitterly cold morning in Rivendale, a small and remote village on the continent of Zelalith, one of the many lands of Aquanalia. In the village...

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