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Humorously Large Objects Approaching At An Alarming Rate

Updated: May 10, 2021

GOODRULES, are a 3-piece Alternative Rock band based in Brighton, Wales. Combining influences from the likes of whatever band is currently popular and the song your mother danced to at her third wedding, the Male-Fronted 3-piece aim to amalgamate their collective influence to form a sound derived from overweight-riffs along with the partially-melodic sensibilities of modern underground culture.

After meeting at a bus stop in Whitehawk, GOODRULES,, formed in the winter of an insignificant year that bares no historical relevancy to the band. Consisting of Band member ANDREW SKRUGGS, Band Member ERIC WYLDER AND Band Member ͤ̇̏̄̎и̞͍̞ͣ̒͋̒̓͠м͎̳̮͚̥̌ͫ͂̚̕я̙͘ ͇̳̯́̂ͧ̓͐̅ͨ͜п̬̯͍͈͎̏ͅо̤̍ͭ̈́ͤ̾͞л̺̰ͣь̩̩͇̬̫̰̙̀̀ͨ͌ͭз͆̇̉̀ͅо̬̘̝̘̟̫̞в̹͎̹̑͒ͪ̅а̼̥͒͜ͅт̖͓̼̖̞̘̫̆͂̽ͤ̒е̷̥̟͉л̤̂ͨͣ̋̅̍я̫̦̩̱͖̘̝ͫ. Flourishing in their infancy, the band peaked extraordinarily early on into their career and intend on riding off the success of those around them. With over 11 streams on their first single that has not yet been recorded but has definitely, definitely been released "The Time It Takes To Kiss A Penguin", the band have been vigorously writing and experimenting to define their own sound.

Aims for GOODRULES,,, in 2019 include cautiously emerging in new cities such as Hull and Grimsby. On Friday the 1st of March, the band are looking to release their hit album "GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES" promoted with a 64-date release tour around the county of RUTLAND. Attendance is mandatory to be allowed to continue to claim benefits, which most of the population does.


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