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As it has been just under a year since my last blog post, I thought it only fair I write a little about what is currently in the pipeline for the near future.

Firstly, after a long 10-month delay due to general laziness/incompetence, Mitchell Sandwich #4 is finally here! Watch it now. To be honest, this episode may never have been released were it not for a renewed interest in producing more of what was and still is a promising show. Episode 4 is just 15 minutes of unused footage from April 2018, filmed at the same time the third episode was (and suffering from the same audio problems, sorry!). Stay tuned for more info on the future of Mitchell Sandwich!

Next, an update on LDP. We have been working on several videos since around November last year, one of which we got about halfway through production with before rapidly becoming distracted and reverting to our usual bumbling selves. We are hoping to find some time soon to finish off and release these videos as we are very pleased with what we have so far and think you will enjoy it too.

Finally, a little about our newest project, GOODRULES,. I can't say much about it yet other than the fact it exists and has something to do with making what Frankie generously refers to as "music", although personally I think it sounds like "shit". In any case the results are bound to be amusing and we have already produced some sort of sound which we will be releasing in the near future. Big things coming soon.

Yours ever-lovingly,


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