• Fred

Merry November

Hi dudes, it’s been a busy month since I just started my new and wonderfully exciting job as an IT technician in a school, which means I am now at the mercy of almost two thousand tiny evil humans. It is due to this that me and Frankie have been unable to record a Frodcast this month, and the next one will probably be our Christmas special some time in December, sadly making this the first month since May that we have not released a Frodcast.

Fear not though, for we're being extra generous this festive season and promising you lucky fucks a real, totally going to be actually filmed, LDP 2017 Christmas Special! And just to sweeten that already remarkable deal, it will include all of the never-before-seen footage filmed for the cancelled 2016 Christmas video. So get your shitty festive jumpers, get your satsumas, get your candy canes and relax, content with the knowledge that at least one piece of quality content will emerge in the next month, which is probably record-breaking.

We do have some new projects planned for 2018 that we hope to talk about more in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled and your comedy bigly.


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