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Quit while you're behind

On this day in 2017, the continuous rein of Lovely Day Productions comes to an end. While we will continue working on LDP in the future it is impossible to determine when this will happen due to myself having to live in the working world and spread my wings as a capable adult. In my choice to put LDP on hiatus I broke not only Fred's heart, but also our friendship. Sadly, he has successfully sued me for literally everything I own but luckily I sold my soul the the lord of PPI and have been offered, in return for my body (and several other things), a minimum wage job of pissing people off for eight hours a day.

Though it may not sound like much of an upgrade, I did speak to a customer last week who's name was genuinely Donald Trump, and that alone was certainly enough to lull me into forgetting completely about Fred.

Fred, if you do happen do read this I want you to know I died wanting to die a happy man.

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