• Fred

Mitchell Sandwich

After what has admittedly been a rather sparse first two months of the new year content-wise, we are finally doing something. Well, Frankie is. I'm just working on everything except the actual podcast itself. Yes! Another podcast. Where has Frodcast gone you ask? Uh, well, you see, we're lazy. Thankfully we've brought on board some "real talent" to help us out, in the form of the ever-loved Billy Mitchell (no relation to Frankie but makes for a good podcast name anyway) who has been involved with LDP ever since the beginning and has been a guest on Frodcast, which is why we're happy to have him fully involved with our latest project.

Frodcast will continue soon, but right now I'm far happier behind both the camera and microphone than I am in front of it. Mitchell Sandwich will (hopefully) begin this very weekend, and we're planning for relatively regular releases depending on how often we can coax Billy out of his drug and alcohol induced stupor. In any case, watch this space carefully.