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Employee Of The Month Acceptance Speech (Frodcast Animated)

Hello, all of youm (derivative of whom because I’m smart and better than you) who are not content creators for the esteemed loveliest days of production. I've infiltrated Frankie and Fred's company and have not only a video based off of my idea on their channel but also a one minute long video fully animated by me (voiced by them but who cares). Now I am an Official™ member of LDP I can say with confidence that it is the best feeling I've ever felt in my entire life. To know that I sit right at the top of the hierarchy of the world is a satisfying thought but my fame comes at a price. Friend requests left right and centre, having to stop every 2 minutes to sign autographs on the street, the strange man stood constantly outside my window. I had to put up a wet floor sign on my Instagram because of all the people sliding into my DM's. It's a bit of a bother but all worth it to be part of the Best Production Company in The World. Even tho the rest of the staff suck. Soon my plan to take over the entirety of LDP will move into action and it will become a feminist crafts channel. Some content you can look forward to seeing from LDP in the future is: Rosie the Riveter Finger Puppets, DIY Tampon Necklaces, guides on how to help white women but no one else - definitely not women in developing countries, and more!!!

All jokes aside, probably 90% of people reading this (do people read this stuff?) won't know who I am. I know that viewers of LDP are only able to compute two main characters on screen at any one time (I myself become very confused when their videos feature supposed 'friends') but don't worry - I'm not on-screen. My name is Summer and I'm from the far off land of West Sussex. I animated Lovely Day Productions' newest YouTube video and first episode of 'Frodcast Animated'. I plan to create more in the future (probably neglecting my college work & all other life responsibilities in the process but beauty is pain) so I hope you liked it. If you didn't like it, feel free to send hate mail to my email address: If you did then you can look forward to more shitty animations in the future! You're welcome. And thank you for having low standards.

Disclaimer: I am actually a feminist just not a fan of first world feminism. Don't accuse ldp of woman hating, it's just jews they hate.

You can watch the video here:

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