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Our rabid fan (singular, fictional) harassing us for never doing anything anymore.

No, we have not passed away from COVID-19.

Though the last few years have brought little in the way of fresh content, Frodlenet is by no means dead. We simply refuse to die, like a patch of mould that could cause serious respiratory issues if not dealt with quickly.

Due to ONGOING GLOBAL PANDEMIC, we actually have an excuse to not be making any live-action stuff, like that was ever required. Our produce these days is a little more low-brow, so much so that I simply refuse to mention it on this relatively civilised blog. It does exist though! Honestly.

If we ever work on any more "serious" projects, we'll be sure to update this space. In the mean time, please do enjoy the vast back catalogue of Frodle flavoured goodness. If you wish to come and call us mean names, feel free to swing by our Minecraft server (cool, right?) at

Until next time!


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  • Fred

As it has been just under a year since my last blog post, I thought it only fair I write a little about what is currently in the pipeline for the near future.

Firstly, after a long 10-month delay due to general laziness/incompetence, Mitchell Sandwich #4 is finally here! Watch it now. To be honest, this episode may never have been released were it not for a renewed interest in producing more of what was and still is a promising show. Episode 4 is just 15 minutes of unused footage from April 2018, filmed at the same time the third episode was (and suffering from the same audio problems, sorry!). Stay tuned for more info on the future of Mitchell Sandwich!

Next, an update on LDP. We have been working on several videos since around November last year, one of which we got about halfway through production with before rapidly becoming distracted and reverting to our usual bumbling selves. We are hoping to find some time soon to finish off and release these videos as we are very pleased with what we have so far and think you will enjoy it too.

Finally, a little about our newest project, GOODRULES,. I can't say much about it yet other than the fact it exists and has something to do with making what Frankie generously refers to as "music", although personally I think it sounds like "shit". In any case the results are bound to be amusing and we have already produced some sort of sound which we will be releasing in the near future. Big things coming soon.

Yours ever-lovingly,


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Updated: May 10, 2021

GOODRULES, are a 3-piece Alternative Rock band based in Brighton, Wales. Combining influences from the likes of whatever band is currently popular and the song your mother danced to at her third wedding, the Male-Fronted 3-piece aim to amalgamate their collective influence to form a sound derived from overweight-riffs along with the partially-melodic sensibilities of modern underground culture.

After meeting at a bus stop in Whitehawk, GOODRULES,, formed in the winter of an insignificant year that bares no historical relevancy to the band. Consisting of Band member ANDREW SKRUGGS, Band Member ERIC WYLDER AND Band Member ͤ̇̏̄̎и̞͍̞ͣ̒͋̒̓͠м͎̳̮͚̥̌ͫ͂̚̕я̙͘ ͇̳̯́̂ͧ̓͐̅ͨ͜п̬̯͍͈͎̏ͅо̤̍ͭ̈́ͤ̾͞л̺̰ͣь̩̩͇̬̫̰̙̀̀ͨ͌ͭз͆̇̉̀ͅо̬̘̝̘̟̫̞в̹͎̹̑͒ͪ̅а̼̥͒͜ͅт̖͓̼̖̞̘̫̆͂̽ͤ̒е̷̥̟͉л̤̂ͨͣ̋̅̍я̫̦̩̱͖̘̝ͫ. Flourishing in their infancy, the band peaked extraordinarily early on into their career and intend on riding off the success of those around them. With over 11 streams on their first single that has not yet been recorded but has definitely, definitely been released "The Time It Takes To Kiss A Penguin", the band have been vigorously writing and experimenting to define their own sound.

Aims for GOODRULES,,, in 2019 include cautiously emerging in new cities such as Hull and Grimsby. On Friday the 1st of March, the band are looking to release their hit album "GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES" promoted with a 64-date release tour around the county of RUTLAND. Attendance is mandatory to be allowed to continue to claim benefits, which most of the population does.


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