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Frodcast and LDP2

Updated: May 10, 2021

Having managed to survive through my A-Level exams without resorting to a rather bloody and time-consuming suicide, it is time now to turn both my focus and Frankie's focus to the task of dragging ourselves through the swimming pool of human feces that is the production of Ace Airman. If we keep to our own schedule (god fucking forbid) and start filming soon, aka right now, that means we can safely say that Season 2 of the Brightleverse will be truly wrapped up by the end of this month and we can finally get on with all those other plans we stupidly came up with during the last 6 months such as more Pokemon Fucko Region and all the other wonderful ideas I totally haven't forgotten.

In short, we're back and we mean business (for real this time, not just comedy funny joke like before).

Some of our more immediate progress includes new Frodcast episodes, both of the new ones significantly shorter than the first and hopefully with a better audio quality than before. If you haven't had the "pleasure" of listening to our podcast yet then head on over to the Frodcast soundcloud page to sit back and relax as myself and Frankie slowly serenade you to sweet death with our voices.

More new content (available right now!) comes in the form of LDP2, our new Youtube channel where we will be regularly posting behind-the-scenes videos and other such extras that simply wouldn't fit in on the main LDP channel. As for LDP itself, we hope to start working by a weekly schedule soon, but we're saving news on that for an update video that we will post this Wednesday (12/07) explaining more about our upcoming plans for LDP.

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