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LDP update

Updated: May 23, 2018

Exam season is coming up for us, so we're changing the release schedule once again. Ace Airman will now see an early July release, with another short and Cyber Evasion (working title) also coming the same month.

To reduce the amount of work and give us room to develop other projects, Season 2 will only consist of 6 episodes now, with Season 3 planned to begin in September with a run of 8 episodes spread across the months following the premiere. We hope to use the lessons we've learnt across the past 18 episodes to make sure that the third season is the best yet, and we've plenty of good ideas that we're ready to make reality come September.

In the time between now and July, we shall be working on side projects to hopefully later run alongside the Brightleverse when it resumes.

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