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Lovely BTS #2: The Redundant

Updated: May 23, 2018

Even though DBC is not even finished, we're still looking forward the future and what our plans are moving onwards. For various reasons, including the fact it will be exam season soon, Season 2 of the Brightleverse will be split into two parts, Season 2A, which will run from February to April and Season 2B, which will probably premiere in July, but we're yet to make a decision on this.

Even though we will be of course continuing with the Brightleverse, we want to be able to realistically work on other ideas too, such as the much requested continuation of the Pilots series, the first episode already being very much experimental in nature by LDP standards yet also relatively well received and fun to make, leading us to indeed want make more of it, which will happen some time later this year.

Another more exciting and long term project we have in the works is a full blown Sci-fi series, complete with original music, a regular cast, proper scripted dialogue and fancy special effects. In honestly we have no idea when we'll begin production on this, but the progress towards it so far has been encouraging. We've written a partial script for the pilot episode, created the first pieces of music for the series and even found someone to handle the special effects. Creating something like this has been what me and Frankie have wanted to do ever since we started LDP, but we don't want to rush it and end up with a really poor final product, which is why we haven't set ourselves any kind of time to begin production, instead hoping that focusing on other projects for now will help us grow our skills so that when the time comes and we decide to actually make this thing, it'll be a damn masterpiece.

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