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Lovely BTS #3: The Doctor Is In

Updated: May 23, 2018

So the new short kind of came out of nowhere, but then to be honest that's the way all shorts are made; small ideas made into entire videos. We didn't expect to make another video before Conspiracy, let alone one that introduces two new characters, but to be honest the idea was too amazing not to immediately bring into reality. They will both hopefully play a part in Conspiracy, even if it's only a small one (considering the story has already been written and filming has begun) but they will definitely be more important in future, specifically the second half of Season 2.

As production of Conspiracy is on schedule, some updates on our plans moving forward. Firstly, we're changing the release periods for Season 2, with 2A coming out between now and the end of July and then an extended hiatus over the summer before hopefully beginning 2B sometime in the autumn. During the hiatus, we're going to focus 100% on our other content such as Fucko Region and Pilots as well as all-new content that we will announce in the coming months. Our end hope is that the break between the two halves will allow us to make Season 2 even better than the first and avoid us burning out creatively halfway through.

A final note; we've now named the upcoming sci-fi series 'Star Guys' and we've created a page for it on the wiki where we intend to dump any future info about it to. As for any kind of even tentative release date, we don't actually have one as we know this is going to involve a lot more time, effort and resources than we can currently muster, especially mid-production of Brightleverse Season 2. I can say that at best it will begin this summer during the hiatus and at worst the beginning of 2018, by which time Brightleverse S2 will be concluded.

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