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Lovely BTS #4: The Dan Bright Conspiracy (pt2)

Updated: May 23, 2018

Well finally! After first pushing the release back by a week then ending up releasing it a day earlier than the revised date, all our work has paid off and we can finally move on! But before we do of course here is an obligatory behind-the-scenes post!

If you were to ask either myself or Frankie how creating this video was, we would both give you the same answer; absolutely fucking dreadful. It isn't at all that we dislike the end product, in fact we consider it one of, if not the finest episode of the Brightleverse yet. Our response would simply stem from the fact that perhaps we set ourselves too ambitious a goal and vision of what it would end up looking like. Overall, we filmed on five separate occasions over the space of a month, during which time we were so consumed by the goal of finishing this that we couldn't take any time to produce anything else, which has left us creatively exhausted.

To be honest we're just surprised we managed to finish this at all, let alone just 6 days later than the original release date we set ourselves. We were plagued by problems from the start, including lack of availability of our cast members (thus the absence of Billy P. Journaliste) and lack of specific story vision until we had already begun filming. Despite this we did manage to reach our running time goal of 10-15 minutes, although there is a lot of cut content, with some of the planned scenes even being filmed before removed during editing as we couldn't really find anywhere to put them without breaking up the overall flow of the video.

Despite all this, we are extremely proud of the finished product, but equally pleased that we can now move on to bringing shorter and more regular content, which moves me on to some exciting news. A few days ago, we bought not only Vegas Movie Studio but also a Sennheiser MKE 400 microphone, which means that there will be a huge increase in the quality of our videos, although this may be over time as we learn to use our new software and equipment. Hopefully in the short-term we can acquire more equipment and in the long-term this paves the way to Star Guys.

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