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Lovely BTS #5: Fuck You Sam

Updated: May 23, 2018

It's been an interesting month for us so far. With the release of Conspiracy and the arrival of new recording equipment and editing software, LDP is beginning to properly take off, with the story we envisioned beginning to come together and the best yet to come.

Before I talk about that, there's quite a bit to say about the most recent Brightleverse episode, "THE SUNNY VEGAS". The production of this somehow managed to be even more of a disaster than Conspiracy, yet the finished product is actually an improvement on many previous episodes. In fairness, this is the first episode that benefits from our new shotgun mic and the use of Vegas Studio in editing it, which makes up for the fact that the original concept for this episode was actually incredibly different than what it ended up being. For a start, it was originally envisioned as a prequel of sorts, explaining how Barry Benson and Doctor Dick came to work with Mack Leash, or as he is more commonly known, "Epsilon". Unfortunately when it became clear that we just couldn't get the right cast members in, we had to improvise, since it was so last minute and we didn't feel like outright cancelling it, desperately wanting a chance to work with our new resources.

Long story short, we got Billy to turn up (albeit drunk) and had his character fill in as the fourth person for the poker game, before being murdered by Barry's friend Eddie, who we hope to see more of in the future, because anyone that kills Billy deserves all the attention possible.

As for future plans, we've moved the schedule around for the remaining 3 episodes of Season 2A, with Ace Airman being the next episode to release instead of Cyber Evasion, which will now be the last after the planned short in between the two. Ace Airman will probably be released either late April or early May, as it's probably going to be about as long as Conspiracy and as proven by said episode, it does take us a long time to actually get down to making something that long.

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