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Update #2

Updated: May 23, 2018

Trump writing the new LDP videos.

It's that lovely time again when I write another long blog post that no one will read that consists of nothing but a pathetically large amount of grovelling and excuses as to why so much of what we have intended to do since the last update has not been done. To get the ball rolling, how about I talk about the release of Ace Airman. Or the lack thereof, since we've completely missed our target of July.

For us, it was difficult to jump right into a large production after such a long hiatus, which was made worse by the fact it was becoming increasingly clear that casting enough people to tell the story we planned would be time-consuming and take us way over the target in any case. It was due to this that we decided to go back to the drawing board and rewrite Ace Airman from the ground up as a special episode of The Brightleverse to come at some point after the conclusion of Season 3.

Despite this vaguely disappointing (but not incredibly surprising) news, we have been making progress in other areas of development, the most promising is the production of the aforementioned Brightleverse Season 3. We've decided on the format (6 episodes), but to make sure that it comes out better than the questionable previous season, we are writing all 6 episodes ahead of time and as one continuous story so we can show a clear story arc throughout the entire season, which has the added benefit of allowing us to film more than one episode at a time and all of them within schedule. Already we have detailed plans for the first two episodes and story outlines for the remaining 4, which should be ready to film by the end of this month for a hopeful premiere in September.

In the short-term however we have plenty to offer, with more Frankie and Fred videos as well as original short skits ready to produce and release just as soon as we can find the effort to pick up that damn camera.

(Also apologies for the atrocious quality of our most recent video, that was the result of a rendering error and we promise it won't happen again xox)

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